What is 'Magfit'

‘Smartphone holder’ has become an indispensable item for all motorcycle riders.

For business motorcycle drivers, the success of their work largely depends on answering continuous calls from customers and using navigation and other apps competently. For motorcycle tourists who usually travel long distances, often to remote places, keeping their phones charged while riding is also essential not only for their needs on their trip but also for their safety. Who would want to be isolated in a completely strange place with a dead smartphone?

Considering the fact, a smart smartphone holder is a definite asset to bikers, but not many bikers are using it. Why?

The most of business riders have to touch and control their Smartphone more than hundred times a day.  Let’s look at the Smartphone holders, selling in the market today.  There are bunch of Smartphone holders in different shapes, but they do have one thing in common. All holders are actually ‘Holding’ the Smartphone ‘Mechanically’, which means whenever the bikers want to mount and demount their phones from the holders, they have to control the holders by pulling some parts, pushing, tightening, or even loosen screw in parts. Drivers just don’t want to do that several hundreds times a day. 

The discomfort is more than its benefit.

 This is the main reason why many drivers are not using the phone holders for their bikes. Naturally there are several more reasons, too. Due to the low quality material and design, the holders currently sold in the market are not durable enough for heavy duty on motorbikes. Some of them can’t even provide a firm grip, which is the very function of a holder. Or most of them simply look too awkward to be attached to your handsome motorcycles.

Magfit design can solve all these problems perfectly.


Magfit  has two pieces of strong magnets holding the Smartphone.

Magfit  does not contain any mechanical structure. Drivers don’t even have to touch the holder body to mount or demount the Smartphone. The most of riders wouldn’t feel any difficulties in operation. Magfit  provides instant load and easy release only by a single snap, making riders free and easy.

Each magnet has around 10kg(22lb) pulling power, and two of them very firmly hold you Smartphone. 


It would never fall off during the ride.

Riders can forget about phone troubles and enjoy the ride. Magfit  provides the safest way to hold your Smartphone from the street ride up to semi-euduro ride.

The biggest value of Magfit  is for riders safe.

 Our fellow riders, who is working with motorcycle, or just enjoying the rides, nothing comes before than the safety of riders.

 Magfit  definetely helps riders to focus on driving. It helps drivers not to hold their phones in one hand to check the map or other apps, which often causes serious safety problems in motorcycle accidents.


Magfit  gives freedom to all bikers.

They can forget about taking care of their phones during their rides. No need to carry big and heavy  external batteries, and remove all cables which was annoyed during the ride.


This beautiful device Magfit  would provide such a effective benefit to the riders. The most valuable investment for riders is to get the Magfit  and install in their motorcycles.


Free your ride

For your safety


Why Magfit !


2 of Magnet with 20 kg Pulling power very firmly hold your smartphone


Magfit  does not contain any mechanical structure. Drivers don’t even have to touch the holder body to mount or demount the Smartphone. Magfit  provides instant load and easy release only by a single snap, making riders free and easy.


Soon as bikers mount their phones to the magnet body, it starts charging automatically. Instantly load & charge. Magfit   supplies up to 2,500mA high electric currency to recharge your Smartphone quicker than external power bank.


Magfit is compatible for most  of smartphones with different size and shape


It endures very strongly from the shocks, vibrations, and very durable under the tough condition. Every parts is connected very firmly to each other. Riders can adjust the mount positions easily with two rotating joints as desire.


All materials were carefully selected to be used in high level endurance environments. It won’t be broke easily. Each part has enough strength to    grip your phone during the ride. It also protects your phones from dusts and pebbles from the front while riding.

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